Bronze tetradrachm of Yaudheyas, Civic Coinage (190-300 AD), second issue with "dvi", Ancient India

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Karttikeya standind facing, holding sceptre; peacock on right, Brahmi inscriptions around: Yaudheya Ganasya Jaya Dvi ("Victory to the Yaudheya people, (series or issue) two") / Standing Devasena with hand on hip, wearing transparent garment, flower-vase left, inverted nandipada right. 25mm, 11.79 grams. BMC pl.XL, #3-6; Mitchiner, ACW 4711, Pieper "Ancient Indian Coins Revisited" #1127.

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Yaudheya or Yaudheya Gana was an ancient confederation who lived in the area between the Indus river and the Ganges river. There are many references to them namely in Mahabharata, Mahamayuri, Brihatsamhita, Puranas, Chandravyakarana and Kashika. As references are spanned from writings of early period to the medieval period, the chronology of Yaudheyas perhaps spans from as early as 500 BCE till 1200 CE. They were in zenith of their power from about 200 BCE to 400 CE.