Rare Ujjain mint silver punch drachm of Kunala (ca.232-224 BC), Mauryan Empire, Ancient India (G/H 590)

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Three punched symbols: 3 figures on a single punchmark and other symbols (see below) / Rooster on stupa symbol. 14mm, 3.22 grams. Malwa mint (Ujjain). Gupta/Hardaker VII II C 24 (#590)

The third symbol on this type is reversed (compared to the much more common G/H 591) - this piece is the only coin of this type that we ever handled. The Mauryan Empire was India's first great unified empire. It lasted from 321 to 185 BCE, and was ruled by the Mauryan dynasty. At its height it ruled virtually all of northern and central India and parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan.