Bronze Stater of King Ananta Deva (1028-1063 AD), Kashmir, N.India

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Enthroned Ardoxsho facing; Nagari legend: "Ananta Ra-" / King standing, head with long strands of hair in the left field, Nagari legend "-Ja Deva". 20mm, 5.76g. Very attractive.These remarkable and attractive coins are the descendants of the gold and silver Kushan staters, and have a distinction of being the longest-minted issue in history - the Goddess/King design remained virtually unchanged in the 1300+ years history of this issue.King Ananta Deva renounced the throne in favour of his son Kalasa at the behest of his queen, Suryamati. He later left the capital city Srinagar to live in Vijayeshwar (at present known as Bijebehara). The conflict between father and son intensified and the situation in Kashmir went on worsening day by day. As a result, foreign saboteurs came to Kashmir and paved the way for foreign rule.