Superb quality abbasi (=4 shahi), Karim Shah Zand (1166-1193 AH / 1753-1779 AD), Isfahan mint

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Inscription in i: Shod Aftab-O-Mah, zar-O-sim dar Jahan/az sekkee-ye Emam be-haqq Sahib-oz-Zamman (the Sun & the Moon became gold and silver/ from the rightful Imam the owner of the time) / Mint & date. Isfahan mint, dated to 1177 AH = 1763 AD. 23mm, 4.64 grams. Mitchiner's WOI 2124var.Karim Shah was a regent for Ismail III Safavi (1163-1169 AH). He usurped the throne in 1172 AH.