RRRRR "thin bust" variety AE2 of Verina, wife of Leo I (457-474 AD), Cherson mint, Roman Empire (RIC 655 var)

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Verina facing right, AEL VER-INA AVG / SALVS RE-I-PVBLICAE, Victory seated right, inscribing a shield supported by a small column, CONE in exergue. 22mm, 4.99 grams. Cherson mint. RIC 655 var.

This is a vary rare "thin bust" variety of Verina. These coins are usually larger and heavier than the normal AE2's of Verina, and might be the earliest AE2's from Cherson of this Empress.

Aelia Verina (died 484) was the Empress consort of Leo I of the Byzantine Empire. She was a sister of Basiliscus. Her daughter Ariadne was Empress consort of first Zeno and then Anastasius I. Verina was the maternal grandmother of Leo II.