EXTREMELY rare barbarous imitation of Constantine II (337-361 AD) with a bare bust (from the coins of Julian II) - SPES REIPVBLICAE, issued ca.358-361 AD

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N CONSTANTIVS AV, draped bare bust right / IIES REIIPVB, emperor standing left in military dress holding globe & spear. 11mm, 0.70 grams. EXTREMELY rare imitation of a late type. The official type was issued sometimes in 358-361 AD. The wholesale production of imitations ended abruptly sometimes between 355 and 358 AD, and Constantinian imitations from later dates are EXCEEDINGLY rare. Of this type there are only one or two imitations published so far. The bust on this coin is bare - it is probably copied from an AE4 of Julian II who also issued coins of this type.