Bronze trachy of Konstantin I (1257-1277), uncertain mint, Medieval second Bulgarian Empire

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Facing bust of Christ Pantokrator; IC XC/+ + across field / Half-length facing bust of Konstantin I, holding labarum and globus cruciger. 23mm, 2.22 grams. Raduchev & Zhekov Type 1.4.1; Youroukova & Penchev 38. Fine, a little rough.Konstantin I Tikh was elected by the nobles in 1257 to replace the ineffective Mico Asen. To legitimize his claim, he married Eirene of Nicaea, a daughter of emperor Theodore II Doukas Laskaris by Elena of Bulgaria, the daughter of Ivan Asen II of Bulgaria. From 1259 to 1261 Konstantin warred against Béla IV of Hungary, during which time the Hungarians captured the Bulgarian town of Vidin. Two years later, the Bulgarians recovered Vidin under the leadership of Jakov Svetoslav, who became its independent ruler (12631275). Due to the expensive and unsuccessful wars, repeated Mongol raids, and economic instability that followed, a revolt ensued in 1277. Its leader, the swineherd Ivailo, was successful and managed to take the Bulgarian throne for a time (1277-1280) following Konstantins death.