925-927 AD - Kingdom Chu (907-951), Lead cash (Kai Yuan Tong Bao/Tan), Tanzhou (Changsha) mint, "Ten Kingdoms" period of anarchy in China - Hartill #15.115

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Four crude chinese characters - Kai Yuan Tong Bao ("Inaugural currency", taken from the earlier Tang dynasty coins) / Chinese character Tan ("Tan(zhou)") left of the hole. 22mm, 3.66 grams. Schjöth #-; Hartill 15.115..Changsha was the capital of the Kingdom of Chu. The original name of the city was Tanzhou - it was renamed "Changsha" by Ma Yin himself in 927. Coins like this one were issued from 925 to 927 AD. These coins are very crude and might have been struck with wooden dies on thin lead flans. This piece is actually of high quality for this type - the vast majority of these crude coins are found in a very poor state of preservation.Chu was a kingdom in southern China during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period (907-960). It existed from 907 to 951. Ma Yin was named regional governor by the Tang court in 896 after fighting against a rebel named Yang Xingmi. He declared himself as the Prince of Chu with the fall of the Tang Dynasty in 907. Mas position as Prince of Chu was confirmed by the Later Tang Dynasty in the north in 927 and was given the posthumous title of Chu Wumuwang. After Ma Yin died the leadership was subject to struggle and conflict which resulted in the fall of the kingdom. The Southern Tang, fresh from its conquest of the Min Kingdom, took advantage and conquered the kingdom in 951. The ruling family was removed to the Southern Tang capital of Nanjing and the kingdom was absorbed into the Southern Tang.This coin is unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic.