Silver para of Sultan Abdul Hamid I (1774-1789), Constantinople mint, Ottoman Empire

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Date and mint / Abdulhamid's tughra (second tughra). Dated to the frozen accession date 1187 AH (1757 AD). Regnal year 4 (minted 1760/1761). 16mm, 0.40 grams grams. Constantiniyya (Constantinople or Istambul) mint. KM #375.

Abdülhamid was imprisoned for most of the first forty-two years of his life by his cousins Mahmud I and Osman III and his older brother Mustafa III, as was custom. He received his early education from his mother Râbi'a Sharmi Sultana, from whom he studied history and learned calligraphy. His imprisonment made him aloof in regard to state affairs and malleable to the designs of his advisors. Yet he was also very religious and a pacifist by nature.