Very rare! AR drachm of Sashro-Xidev, Ruler of Chaghanian, Sogdiana, 7th c. AD

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Imitative host coin (type of Husrav [Khosrau] I) countermarked by Sashro-Xidev, ruler of Chaghaniyan. Crowned bust right; four countermarks - three symmpetrically placed countermarks in shape of a male head right, and additional countermark in shape of a tamgha of Chaghaniyan (at 2 o'clock) / Countermarked Sasshro-Xidev in Baktrian script, fire altar flanked by attendants, crescent and star flanking. 26mm, 2.62 grams. Cf. Gobl, Dokumente 285; Rtzeladze 45 corr. (image reversed); for c/ms: Gobl, Dokumente KM 91, 97,