Nice stater of Toramana II (530-570 AD), Alcon Hunnic Empire in North India

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King standing left, holding a severed head over an altar, trident inthe left hand, SRI TORAMANA in the left upper field / Goddess seated crosslegged, lion laying at her feet, JEYA in the right field. 22mm,  6.68 grams. Mitchiner NIS 151; Mitchiner ACW 3792-3795; Gobl -. SKU T733-48473

An excellent coin, with high quality brown patina. These are usually fairly crude, and struck from worn dies.

The Alchon Huns, also known as the Alchono, Alxon, Alkhon, Alkhan, Alakhana and Walxon, were a nomadic people who established states in Central Asia and South Asia during the 4th and 6th centuries CE. They were first mentioned as being located in Paropamisus, and later expanded south-east, into the Punjab and central India, as far as Eran and Kausambi. The Alchon invasion of the Indian subcontinent contributed to the fall of the Gupta Empire.