Very mice ancient Wu Zhu cash w/star, Emp. Wudi (113-90 BC), Western Han, China

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Two large Chinese characters Wu Zhu (=5 zhus), half-star below the hole / Blank, inside and outside rims. 25mm, 3.95 grams. Gratzer/Fishman "One Thousand Years of Wu Zhu coinage" #B1.38. SKU DD264-40950

Wu Di Wu Zhus were cast during the reign of Emperor Wu Di after 113 BC by the Shanglin offices in Chang’an. Superficially, they look much like the earlier Chi Ce Wu Zhus, but are usually slightly lighter and of somewhat inferior calligraphy and casting, with crudely filed edges with clear file marks. It seems that the need to cast hundreds of millions of coins a year made the officials compromise on the quality of the coins. The Wu Di Wu Zhus also typically exhibit a relatively narrow tall and slightly asymmetric “Wu” often without the longer base dash in “Wu” found on many other Wu Zhus. The reverse of all these coins always shows both the external and internal rims (again, as a precaution against clipping or filing) with no additional marks, unless stated otherwise. This coin is unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic.

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