Barbarous AE3 imitation of a "soldier spearing horseman" of Constantius (337-361 AD), ca.354-358 AD, British find.

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Bare bust of Constantius right, blundered partial inscriptions / Soldier spearing horseman, garbled inscriptions. Imitating an AE3 of Constantius II. 10mm, 0.7 grams, very nice for these, greenish patina. Minted ca.354-358. Found in Britain, fairly nice for these, with an excellent portrait.Barbarous coins were struck because of the coinage shortage (and for other reasons) in roughly the same time period as the originals. They probably saw only local circulation and the usage of the FEL TEMP RAPARATIO imitations did not extend beyond 358 AD, when the "soldier spearing horseman" type was discontinued.