Mint of Delhi - Huge bronze dam of Akbar (1556-1605), month SHAHREWAR

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Ilahi date (Ilahi year 47 = AH 1009/1010 = 1600/1601 AD) and month (month Shahrewar - fifth month) / Mint and mint epiphet. Very thick (8mm), 20mm in diameter, 20.6 grams. Delhi mint, KM 32.9. The coins date to a number of different years, but represent a full set of 12 different Ilahi months - Farwardin, Ardibihischt, Khurdad, Tir, Amardad, Shehrewar, Mihr, Aban, Azar, Di, Bahman, Isfandarmuz. Coins with a clear month, like this piece, are rare.