The Silver Coinage of the Western Satraps in India (50-400 AD), Catalogue (2013)

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The Silver Coinage of the Western Satraps in India (50-400 AD), Catalogue and Price Guide

This is the brand new publication. This 392 page book is the most comprehensive study of the rich silver coinage of the Western Satraps ever written. The Western Satraps (also known as Indo-Sakas or Indo-Scythians) of Gujarat and the surrounding areas in Western India issued a plethora of beautiful rich coinage which until now has not been well understood outside of a small circle of specialists. This is the perfect guide for the new or experienced collector.

The coins of the Western Satraps (also known as the "Western Kshatrapas") were issued for over three centuries (from the 1st century AD to the early 5th century AD) and covered thirty eight rulers from two distinct dynasties (Kshaharatas and Kardamakas).

The book features:

  • Hundreds of high quality photographs showing every type and most varieties
  • Detailed historical notes on the Western Satraps and related histories
  • Detailed explanation on how to read the Saka Era dates on these coins, with every year spelled out and explained
  • Detailed explanations and help with the Brahmi and Kharoshti spelling, with every inscription written out and explained
  • Numerous coin types and varieties never published before
  • Line drawings for each type with full transliterations of the Brahmi inscriptions
  • Notes on the rarity and importance of each type
  • Price guide, with current Western market values given for most of the coins
  • Short survey of the successor coinage - later silver coins based on the Kshatrapa design
  • A survey of existing literature

For book resellers: If you are looking for buy more than one copy for resale, please contact us for the discounted price. This is the second book, concerned only with the silver coinage. If you are looking for a book on base-metal coins of the Western Kshatrapas, please check my other listings. If you want to buy both volumes, they are sold at a discounted price - please see my other listings.