Superb quality British barbarous VRBS ROMA AE3, 336-348 AD, Dorchester (?)

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VRBS ROMA, Rome facing left / She-wolf feeding twins, two stars above, branch above, TRS* below. 19mm, 2.92 grams. Imitaiting Trier mint, but struck in Britain, ca.336-348 AD

Beautiful high quality coin! If it wasn't for the unorthodox style of the bust and the inscriptions, the coin would surely pass for an official issue.

There were a few series of fascinating high quality imitations of VRBS ROMA, CONSTANTINOPOLIS and GLORIA EXERCITVS bronzes produced in Britain in the later 330's-340's AD. The coins were of unusually high quality for British imitations - these were, by far, the nicest of the Romano-British Constantinian barbarics. They might have been semi-official coins, struck because of the acute coin shortage by the local government. All these imitative coins bore mintmarks of Lyons, Trier and (to a lesser extent) Rome, but there produced somewhere in Southern Britain. Dr.Adrian Marsden, in his excellent article about these coins published some 2 decades ago, identified the possible production sites for these coins. I think they were minted in Nether Compton, outside of the Roman Dorchester and perhaps at other locations. 

This coin is unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic.

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