Silver damma, sub-governor al-Rabbi of Multan, Abbasid Sindh Province, ca.820AD

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Three dots, stylized Brahmi "Sri" above, Brahmi letters "Ta" and "Pa+" in fields, below Lillah al-Rabbi' in arabic / Crude bust facing left within a dotted border. 13mm, 0.60 grams. Unpublished and very rare. SKU 43922. These coins are derived from the earlier "Sri Tapanasa" pre-Islamic Multan coins like the one we are selling on our site as well. These early Islamic types were first discovered some 10 years or so ago, and were never properly studied or published. The identitly of "al-Rabi" is not known - it was probably the name of the Abbasid sub-governor of Multan who ruled in the early 9th century CE.