Silver damma of sub-governor Jalam II, Multan, Abbasid Sindh Province, ca.830 CE

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Head left, "Sri" on the forehead / Three dots, stylized Brahmi "Sri" above, Brahmi letters "Ta" and "Pa" in fields, below Lillah Jah ("Ja(lama) in god") in arabic. 13mmx12mm, 0.66 grams. SKU 43903

Unpublished and very rare! These coins are derived from the earlier "Sri Tapanasa" pre-Islamic Multan coins we also sell on the website. These probably have the destinction of being among the very first Islamic coins struck in India. These early Islamic types were first discovered some 10 years or so ago, and were never properly studied or published. They are often attributed to the Habbarid rulers of Sindh, but the names on these coins do not correspond to the names of the known governors or Sindhi rulers, and these coins were probably minted in the names of the sub-governors of Multan.