Scarce copper follaro, Roger II (1105-1154), Messina, Norman Kingdom of Sicily

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Cross in a circle, Kufic legend around: Duriba bi-Masina sanat 536 ("Struck in Messina, year 536") //  Arabic legend Bi-l-amr al-Maliki duriba ("Struck by the royal command"). 16mm, 0.86 grams. Messina mint. Rodolfo Spahr "Le Monete Siciliane" #80; Grierson #217.

Dated in AH era, 536 AH = 1141 CE.

The Kingdom of Sicily was a state that existed in the south of the Italian Peninsula and for a time the region of Ifriqiya from its founding by Roger II of Sicily in 1130 until 1816. It was a successor state of the County of Sicily, which had been founded in 1071 during the Norman conquest of the southern peninsula.

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