Scarce authentic Wu Zhu cash, Western Jin dynasty (265-316 CE), China

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Two large Chinese characters Wu Zhu ("5 zhu"), no inside rim, shallow outside rim / Blank, inner and outer rims. 22mm, 1.46 grams. Hartill -; Gratzer/Fishman "One Thousand Years of Wu Zhu Coinage" #B6.11. SKU Q354-48910

The obscure Wu Zhu coinage of the Western Jin is now well understood. The better known Wu Zhus (Hartill 10.10) were formerly attributed to the Shu Kingdom of the Three Kingdoms period but are now given to the Western Jin (G/F #6.1). The local issues, differing in style from the earlier Wei coins (with "Wu" not cut off by the rim like on all Wei coins) and showing a cramped but mostly-complete "Wu Zhu" inscription are now given to the Western Jin.

The Western Jin (266316) was established as a successor state to Cao Wei after Sima Yan usurped the throne, and had its capital at Luoyang and later Chang'an (modern Xi'an); Western Jin reunited China in 280, but fairly shortly thereafter fell into a succession crisis, civil war, and suffered from the invasions instigated by the "Five Barbarians (Wu Hu)." The rebels and invaders began to establish new self-proclaimed states along the Yellow River valley in 304, inaugurating the "Sixteen Kingdoms" era.

This coin is unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic.

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