RRRR! Nummus (AE4) of King Theodoric (493-526 AD), Ostrogothic Kingdom in Italy

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Bust right / Theodoric's monogram. 10mm, 1.00 grams. Grierson #-; BMC V (Theodoric) #50 var (slightly different monogram, with a very small loop for "R" in the upper left). SKU Q134-44171

Bronze AE4 nummi of Theodoric are almost unknown - this type is not listed in Grierson but does appear in BMC. Very few coins are known and this type almost never appears for sale.

Theodoric the Great (454 30 August 526) was king of the Ostrogoths (471526), and ruler of the independent Ostrogothic Kingdom of Italy between 493526, regent of the Visigoths (511526), and a patrician of the Roman Empire. As ruler of the combined Gothic realms, Theodoric controlled an empire stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Adriatic Sea.

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