RRR silver scyphate 1/2 shatamana (?) from Kashi Janapada, 6th c. BC, India R708

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Four punchmarks, many banker's marks / Many bankers' mark. 29mmx26mm, 4.69 grams. Rajgor "Punch-marked coins of early historic India" series 55, #708. SKU Q90-wv2806

High quality piece - extremely rare, especially this nice!

In the 7th and 6th century BC Kashi continuously engaged in warfare with Kasala. In ca.525 BC Kashi, the long-time enemy of Kasala, was conquered by it, and was administered as a Kasal province until the conquest of Kasala by Magadha in ca.475 BC. These early huge scyphate coins are pre-Kasala conquest, and were issued sometimes before 525 BC. All these coins are extremely rare. The denomination of these coins is uncertain - they are heavier than the 42-mana vishmatikas, and might have represented a 1/2 shatamana denomination.

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