RRR! Silver denga in the name of Toqktamish, ca.1380's-1390's, Moscow, Russia

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Half-figure of the Duke left, holding axe and sword, stars below and in front, Cyrillic inscription: печать князя великог  ("Stamp (coin) of the Great Duke") / Arabic inscription in three lines "Al-Sultan To / Khtamish / Khan Khalad" ("Sultan Tokhtamish Khan, (may his rule) last" in a square, various line decorations outside the square. Moscow mint (?), minted in the 1380's-1390's. 16mm, 0.96 grams. Huletzky/Petrunin #119. SKU Q471-49221

This very rare type was minted by minted by both Dmitry Donskoy and his son Vasily I Dmitrievich. Some of the coins (like this piece) are anonymous, giving only the title of the Grand Duke - they can be attributed to both Dmitry Donskoy and Vasily. Very rare and nice, with a nearly complete Russian legend.

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