RRR silver denar, Vladimiras Algirdas, Grand Prince of Kiev (1362-1394), Kiev

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IS with pellets, Crude ВОЛОДHМHР around (with "M" up-sidedown, shown as "W"); all within pelleted border / Vladimiras' symbol of unknown meaning with pelletes, flanked by stars, cross in the middle. 14.5mm, 0.41 grams.  Kijevas (Kiev) mint. cf.Zeno 2368; cf. CNG #93, lot 1800; Ex G&M, Auction 143, 12.10.2005 (realized 1125 Euro + fees); S. Sajauskas. “Pirmųjų Lietuvos Didžiosios Kunigaikštysės monetų ypatybės,” in Pinigų studijos (Vilnius, 2004), pp. 83-4; Kotlyar Type II; Gumowski 440; I&D 11:11. SKU q217-32027

High quality coin, extremely rare and difficult to find.

Vladimiras (died after 1398), the son of Algirdas, Grand Duke of Lithuania (1345-1377), was Grand Prince of Kiev from 1362 to 1394. Following the Battle of Blue Waters (1362), in which the Grand Duchy of Lithuania successfully pushed the Golden Horde from Ukraine, the Principality of Kiev fell permanently into the hands of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Shortly thereafter, Vladimiras was installed by his father in Kiev. Maintaining an independent rule, Vladimiras began minting his own coins. Initially, his coinage continued the earlier issues of the Golden Horde (perhaps an indication that the principality remained a tributary), but eventually replaced them with his own type. Upon the accession of Władysław II Jagiełło as King of Poland in 1386, Vladimiras swore loyalty to him. Following the Ostrów Agreement, which ended the Lithuanian Civil War, the new Grand Duke of Lithuania, Vytautas removed Vladimiras as Prince, replacing him with his half-brother, Skirgaila. Vladimiras then received the Duchy of Sluckas. He was last mentioned in written sources in October 1398.

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