RRR! AR denga of Duke Ivan "Tight Bow" (1411-15), Nizhegorod-Suzdal, Russia

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Head right within a circle, surrounded by four knotted decorations and four dots // ПЕЧА КНЯ IВА (abbriviated "Coin of Duke Ivan") in three lines with a decorated square. 14mmx15.5mm, 0.51 grams. Huletski/Petrunin/Fishman #1906A.
Superb condition, pretty much as struck, nicer example than the Huletski/Petrunin/Fishman plate coin. Very rare, especially in this condition.
Ivan Borisovich "Tugoy Look" ("Tight Bow") was a Duke of Nizhegorod-Suzdal Duchy. He, and his brother Daniil Borisovich, were dispossessed by Vasily I of Moscow in 1392. They fought and appealed to their Mongol overlords. In 1411 they lead a Mongol army and fought the Muscovites near Liskov village, winning the battle and gaining control over Nizhegorod-Suzdal for a few years. They both minted rare and popular coins before escaping in 1418 and disappearing from history.



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