RRR AR damma of Abdallah III (1000/1020 AD), Habbarids, Sindh, India (F/T HS29)

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La ilah illa / Allah wahdahu / la sharik lahu/ lillah (“There is no God but Allah alone, no partner to him, in God”) // Lillah/ Muhammad / rasul / Allah al-Amir / ‘Abd Allah ("In God, Muhammad is the messenger of God, Amir ‘Abd Allah”). 10mm, 0.42 grams. G/G #-; Fishman/Todd (2018) #HS29. SKU EH37

Coins naming another ‘Abdallah15 (III) were only recently published (in Fishman/Todd's "The Silver Damma) - they are known only from a single hoard and remain extremely rare. Stylistically, they are similar to the coins of Ahmd, and have the same inscription and layout but with a more angular and cruder script. It is likely that Abdallah III was Ahmd's son and successor, and his reign is roughly dated to 1000-1020 CE.