RRR! 3rd issue bastardo of Manuel I (1495-1521), Portuguese Melaka (Sim #M24)

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+ : I : EWANVEL R(ex) P(ortugalie) ET A(lgarbiorum) D(ominus) GVINE(ae) (Manuel the First, King of Portugal and the Algrave, lord of Guinea), Portuguese coat of arms, O-V in fields / Armillary sphere with three lines of longtitude, six lines of latitude and ecliptic circle. Lopes Soares de Albergaria, 3rd governor of Portuguese India (1515-1518). Third series, struck 1517-1518. 30mm, 10.18 grams. Mint of Melaka. Sim M.24; Vaz. El.22. SKU F674-43019

Aleixo de Menenzes was the nephew of the 3rd governor of Goa, Lopes Soares de Albergaria (1515-1518). Menezes arrived in Melaka in June 1517 to supervise the production of the 3rd issue bastardos that were produced in Melaka over the next year. The third issue large bastardos are very rare.