RR! AR drachm of Chastana (78-130 AD) as Mahakshatrapa, Indo-Sakas

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Bust of Chastana right with collar showing, wearing a satrapal cap, corrupt Greek inscription / Crescent on a three-arched hill over a wavy line, crescent in the left field, sun in the right field, two inscriptions one in Brahmi (RaJno MahaKsaTraPaSa ZaMoTiKaPuTraSa ChaStaNaSa and one in Kharoshti (RaNo MahaKsa). 16mmx14mm, 1.54 grams. Rajgor "The Studies in the Coinage of the Western Kshatraps" #214; Senior ISCH #314.6; Fishman SCWSI #4.7. SKU T1128-4950

Chastana was the founder of the Western Satraps' Kingdom and the founder of the Saka Era (Vikrama Samvat era), which is still used in India and in some other regions. Chastana ruled as Satrap until the fall of Nahapana in ca.100 AD, and after that as Mahakshatrapa ("Great Satrap"). The coins of Chastana are rare. All coins I sell are unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic. Shipping is 2.50$ for the first coin, all additional coins (sent in the same package) are shipped for free.