RR billon jital of Jalal al-Din Ali, 1206-1215, Ghorids of Bamiyan Tye-167.3

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Horseman right holding standard, retrograde Sri Hamira ("Amir") in Nagari // Adil / al-Sultan al-A/zam Jalal/ud-dunya wa ud-din. 15mm, 3.90 grams. Mint of Bamiyan. Tye 167.3

The name of Mohamed Ghori on the reverse is posthumous, giving homage to the great dead Ghorid leader. Very rare type.

Jalal ud-din Ali was the son of the Ghorid ruler Baha al-Din Sam II. After the assassination of the Ghurid supreme leader Mu'izz al-Din Muhammad in 1206, Jalal al-Din's father Baha al-Din Sam II took over the Bamyan region. He, however, died a few days later, and was succeeded by Jalal al-Din Ali and his brother Ala al-Din Muhammad. Jalal al-Din shortly crowned Ala al-Din Muhammad as the ruler of Ghazni, and then went back to his capital, Bamiyan. During the following years, the Khwarezmian Empire began slowly conquering the Ghurid kingdom, and in 1215 the Khwarezmshah Muhammad II invaded the domains of Jalal al-Din, where he defeated and killed Ali, incorporating Bamiyan into his empire, thus putting an end to the Ghurid branch of Bamiyan.



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