RR AR drachm w/Bakh Bakh, Caliph Mahdi, Turco-Hephthalites of Bukhara (770s AD)

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Crowned Sasanian-style bust right, al-Mahdhi behind the bust in Arabic, Bukhar Hudat ("lord of Bukhara") in Bukharan script in front of the bust, "Bakh Bakh" in arabic below the bust / Fire altar with ribbons and attendants; crowned bust of Ahuramazda looking right in flames. 25mm, 2.73 grams. Album 94 var (without Bakh Bakh); BM Arab-Sassanian coins #319 ff. SKU Q327-48921

Imitating silver drachms of the Sasanian king Bahram V. . Rare type with the "Bakh Bakh" (exclamation of excellence) below the bust.

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Unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic.