Rare small halberd (sword) money, Yue State, c.400-300 BC, Warring States, China

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Rare small "sword" money from Yue state, ca.400-300 BC. One issue of primitive money in shape of a very small knives or swords were produced in Yue state around 400-300 BC. 50mm, 0.43 grams. D. Jens "Chinese Cash" p.5; cf. Zeno 6346.

Very rare. A few small chips, a repair (the front 1/3 was re-attached).

During its existence, Yue was famous for the quality of its metalworking, particularly its swords. Examples include the extremely well-preserved Swords of Goujian and Zhougou. It is speculated that these miniature copies of the large bronze helberds were used as money in the ancient Yue State. This is also suggested by the find spots around Shaoxing in the Zhejiang Province.





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