Rare silver groshik from Lviv, Red Russia, Louis the Great (1342-1382), Hungary

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• LODVICI : R : VNGARIE : , crowned Gothic letter "L" within a scalloped square in the middle, decorations of multiple annulets around / • MONETA : RVSSIE :, Lion walking left within a dotted circle. 19mm, 1.06 grams. Mint of Lviv. Huletski #4018. SKU Q215-37254  

Louis the Great (5 March 1326, Visegrád 10 September 1382, Nagyszombat/Trnava) was King of Hungary and Croatia from 1342 and King of Poland from 1370 until his death. Louis was the most senior member of the Capetian House of Anjou. He was one of the most active and accomplished monarchs of the Late Middle Ages, extending territorial control to the Adriatic and securing Dalmatia, with part of Bosnia, within the Holy Crown of Hungary.

Red Ruthenia or Red Russia is a historic term used since medieval times to refer to the area known today as Eastern Galicia or Western Ukraine; first mentioned in Polish historic chronicles in the 1321, as Ruthenia Rubra or Ruthenian Voivodeship (13661772). Since the 10th century the territory of Red Ruthenia was a point of dispute between the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Ruthenia (Kievan Rus'), each claiming its own rights to the land. Since the 14th century and after the disintegration of Ruthenia the area of Red Ruthenia was contested by numerous historical states such as the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (Gediminids), Kingdom of Poland (Piasts), Kingdom of Hungary, Kingdom of Ruthenia, and others. After the GaliciaVolhynia Wars most of the Red Ruthenia for some 400 years became part of Poland, incorporated as the Ruthenian Voivodeship.

Coins form "Red Russia", like this piece, are quite obscure and rare! They are usually poorly and flatly struck, with broken flans. They are rare in general, high quality piece like this one are very rare.

This coin is unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic.

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