Rare silver denga of Duke Fyodor Olegovich (1402-1427), Ryazan Duchy, Russia

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Large Ryazan tamgha struck over Golden Horde's Uzbeg Khan dang or dang imitation / Traces of imitative arabic legend in the undertype. 18mmx17mm, 1.01 grams. Ryazan mint. Struck ca.1410. Guletzky/Petrunin #2315BB.

Superb quality coin, very rare in general and especially this nice.

The Grand Duchy of Ryazan existed from 1078 when it was separated from the Chernigov Principality as the provincial Murom Principality. It was conquered by Batu Khan's Mongold and was controlled by the Mongols and later by the Golden Horde. In 1520 Grand Prince Vasili III of Russia captured and imprisoned in Moscow the last Grand Prince of Ryazan because of his relations with the n Khan Mehmed I Giray. In 1521 Prince Ivan Ivanovich fled into the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. After that, in 1521 the Ryazan Principality was merged with the Muscovy.



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