Rare huge AE dirham, Mongke Khan (1251-1259), Otrar mint, Great Mongols

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Mangū-khānī ("Mongke Khan's" or "Khan's silver"), name of the Abbasid Caliph al-Nasir: "Al-Imam al-A/'zam al-Na/sir li-din allah" // Kalima, then again the name of al-Nasir, date and mint in the circular margin. 42mm, 7.8 g. Album 3772 (ex. 1978C.1); Cf. Zeno 305646.

Huge copper coin. It is referred to as "silver dirham" since these large coins were originally silver-washed, though the wash was light and is not almost always completely gone. Rare.

Otrar or Utrar, also called Farab, is a Central Asian ghost town that was a city located along the Silk Road in Kazakhstan. Otrar was an important town in the history of Central Asia, situated on the borders of settled and agricultural civilizations. It was the center of a great oasis and political district, commanding a key point connecting Kazakhstan with China, Europe, Near and Middle East, Siberia and Ural.



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