Rare countermarked Timurid copper falus, Hissar mint, late 1400s

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Countermarked "Zarb Hissar" in a square on an anonymous Timurid later 15th century civic falus. 24mm, 4.5 grams. cf.Zeno #337598 (this coin).

Very nice full countermark, rare Hissar countermark. 

From AH 818 until AH 905, all Central Asian mints were under Timurid control, and all came under Shaybanid authority during the following few years. The post-Shahrukh Timurid copper coinage and all Shaybanid copper coinage was anonymous and best regarded as civic coinage. Many of the coins circulated until worn flat and then countermarked, usually with the name of the countermarking mint. Sometimes the countermarks were applied at different mints. Most Central Asian coppers were somewhat carelessly struck, often with considerable areas of flatness. Unfortunately, no thorough reference catalog of the series has yet been undertaken.



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