Rare antoninianus of Marius (269 AD), Cologne mint, Gallo-Roman Empire

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Marius. Romano-Gallic Emperor, AD 269. Antoninianus (21mm, 2.67 grams). Colonia Agrippina (Cologne) mint. 3rd emission. Radiate and cuirassed bust right / Virtus standing left, holding shield and spear. RIC V 17; Mairat 240; AGK 7b. SKU Q139-47120

According to later tradition, Marius was a blacksmith by trade. He was present with the army that revolted at Moguntiacum (Mainz) after the emperor Postumus refused to allow it to sack the city. They murdered the emperor and in the confusion that followed, the army elected Marius to succeed Postumus. His reign lasted no more than two or three months before Postumus’ praetorian prefect Victorinus had Marius killed in the middle of 269, most likely at Augusta Treverorum.

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