Rare 1/4 vishmatika (srivatsa/tree/turtle type), Saurashtra, 450-300 BC, India

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Single punchmark of a srivatsa with minor symbols around / Traces of the old design (tree-in-railing surrounded with swastikas and other symbols overstriking the turtle design). 13x17mm, 0.91 grams. Rajgor -. SKU Q89-48125

The srivatsa punch was applied to the reverse of a coin punchmarked with the "tree" design (which, in turn, overstruck the earlier "turtle" design), which is still legible on this coin. This coins are known mostly from a single hoard which appeared on the market in 2013 or so. Saurashtra was a one of the original Janapadas located in Gujarat. It was one of the last Janapadas to fall - it was annexed to the Mauryan Empire only during the reign of Chandragupta Maurya (ca.300 BC). The scarce coins of Saurashtra were quite different from most other Indian coins of those times - there were struck using a single die, and were usually restruck with a new design on one or more occasions, resulting in quite a mess, like the one seen on this coin.

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