Silver drachm of the Abbasid Governor Yaqub ibn Layith of Seistan as "Khudarayaka", ca.870-875, Kabul (Tye 23 with "Adl")

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Horseman right, holding banner; ma in Nagari to left; "Adl" ("Just") in Arabic to right / śri khudarayaka in Nagari, recumbent zebu bull to left with symbol on rump; to left, star above pellet above crescent. Kabul mint. 20mm, 2.96 grams. Tye #23.

Shahi lands were subjected to repeated attacks and occupation by various Muslim states, with Kabul falling around 870 AD. However, the popular coinage of Kabul was retained soon after the takeover, the Abbasid Caliphal Governor of Kabul, Yaqub ibn Layith of Seistan, added his personal biruda “Sri Khudarayaka” in Nagari above the bull and the Arabic word “adl”, meaning “just”, to the right of the horseman’s head.