Very rare! Indian standard silver tanka (11.00 grams), dated month Safar of 634 AH (October/November of 1236), Saif al-Din al-Hasan (1224-1249 AD), Qarlughid ruler of Sind, in the name of the Abbasid Caliph Al-Mustansir II, (#SS10)

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In the name of the Abbasid Caliph, al-Mustansir, date and month partially visible (month Safar of 634 AH (October/November of 1236)). Shahadah and name and titles of al-Mustansir / Name and titles of Saif al-Din al-Hasan. 25mm, 11.00 grams. CIS SS10

Very rare - unlisted with a date in CIS, very rare with a visible month.

he Qarlughids, a tribe of Turkic and Hazaras origin, controlled Ghazni and the lands of the Bamyan and the Kurram Valley (Ghazna, Banban, and Kurraman), establishing a Muslim principality and dynasty lasting between 1224 and 1266.