RRRR! Nummus (AE4) of Odoacer (476-493 AD), Ostrogothic Kingdom in Italy

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Draped and cuirassed bust right / Monogram. RIC 3502 var. (arrangement of monogram); Ranieri 235 var. (same); Kraus 35 var. (monogram); Morello 21b; RIC X –; MEC 1, –. .  SKU Q134-44171

This variety with a full monogram is much rarer than the smaller coin with the OD abbreviated monogram. It is sometimes given to Rome, but attribution to Ravenna is probably correct.

Flavius Odoacer (c. 431 – 493 AD), also spelled Odovacer, Odovaker or Odovacar, was a soldier and statesman of barbarian background, who deposed the child emperor Romulus Augustulus and became King of Italy (476–493). Odoacer's deposition of Romulus Augustulus is traditionally seen as marking the end of the Western Roman Empire as well as Ancient Rome.