Nice! Qanhari dirham of Abdallah II (ca.900 CE), Habbarid Amirs in Sindh, India

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La ilah illa / Allah wahdahu / la sharik lahu (“There is no God but Allah alone, no partner to him”) // Muhammad / rasul / Allah al-Amir / ‘Abd Allah ("Muhammad is the messenger of God, Amir ‘Abd Allah”). 11mm, 0.62 grams. Shahada issue, mint 3. G/G #AS2; Fishman/Todd (2018) #HS24. SKU EH11-H28

Abdallah II was probably the son of Amir Muhammad. He minted coins in "Mint 2" and "Mint 3" and his reign can be tentatively dated to the first half of the 10th century AD. This coin is an early issue (their style quickly became cruder and cruder) and in full size.