Nice An Phap cash, Le Loi's rebellion against the Chinese, 1417-1426, Vietnam

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Four characters An Phao Nguyen Bao (written in mixed scripts) / Blank. 21mm, 1.48 grams. Toda 41; Barker 52.1-52.2. SKU Q209-49490

During Le-Loi's rebellion in 1417-1426, several coins were cast for the payment of his followers. They are all of diminutive size, and the copper employed varies in colour according to the provinces wherein the coins were cast.

Lê Lợi (c. 1384 1433) rebelled against the Chinese occupation in the end of 1417. In 1428 he proclaimed himself Emperor and founded the second Le Dynasty. Lê Lợi is among the most famous figures of Vietnamese history and one of its greatest heroes.

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