Lot of 3 various medieval Cilician Armenian coins, 13th-14th century

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Lot of 3 various unattributed poghs and kardezes, all three are different types. 19-23 mm. SKU x3402-53425

Nice easily attributable coins. The price is for the entire group of 3 coins.

The Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia, also known as Cilician Armenia, Lesser Armenia, Little Armenia or New Armenia, and formerly known as the Armenian Principality of Cilicia, was an Armenian state formed during the High Middle Ages by Armenian refugees fleeing the Seljuk invasion of Armenia. Located outside the Armenian Highlands and distinct from the Kingdom of Armenia of antiquity, it was centered in the Cilicia region northwest of the Gulf of Alexandretta. The Kingdom was founded as a principality around 1080 by the Rubenid dynasty, an alleged offshoot of the larger Bagratuni dynasty, which at various times had held the throne of Armenia. It until 1375, when it was conquered by the Mamluks.



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