Lot of 27 billon post-Shahi jitals from NW India, 1100's AD (Tye 33)

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Lot of 27 coins, most seem to be of the following type:

Bull facing left, crude Nagari SRI SAMANTA DEVA / Horseman right, Bhi (or Sri) in the right upper field. 13-15mm, 2.5-3.5 grams. Mintless type, uncertain anonymous issue. Tye 33; Deyell 235. The price is for the entire group shown, not per coin. SKU hv8104

It is not known who issued these coins, but stylistically they can be dated to the post-Shahi Islamic period in the modern Pakistan. It is not known at this point who this person was and the exact location where these were minted is not known as well. However, these coins are often found alongside bronze or billon jitals of the Ghaznavid ruler Masud III (1099-1115 AD), and were probably issued by the Ghaznavids or a minor dynasty from this period from just outside the Ghaznavid realm.



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