Huo Quan cash of Emperor Wang Mang (9-23 CE), China - scarcer w/o outside H#9.65

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Two large Chinese characters Huo Quan ("sping of goods"), no rim around the central hole, raised outside rim, and a ray outside the hole in the lower left obverse / Blank. 16mm, 1.11 grams. Gratzer/Fishman "The Numismatic Legacy of Wang Mang" #5.133; Hartill #9.65. Q17-44044

Some filed Huo Quan coins are thought to be privately modified official coins. Most are filed from the “outside” and have a filed outer rim. This modification was done illicitely in order to glim some metal from the official coins and profit this way, or to lighten the official coins to bring them in line with the new and lighter weight of the inflationary Huo Quans. The exact dating of these coins is uncertain; they were probably produced toward the end of Wang Mang’s reign or even later. This coin is unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic.

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Unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic.