HUGE and RRR series 2 silver karshapana (550-461 BC), Magadha Janapada, India

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Five various punchmarks / blank. Large silver planchet, 28mmx26mm, 3.21 grams. Gupta and Hadraker II - (#-). SKU Q24-34606

This is a completely new type - this combination of punches seems to be completely unpublished. Might be related to issues II XIII and II XIV, as it combines some features of these issues. The coin is overstruck on a large first issue karshapana - some undertype is visible on the reverse, though not enough to identify the exact 1st issue undertype.

All 2nd issue karshapanas are extremely rare - these coins are considered to be a transitional issue between the large-flan 1st issue (coined under Ajatashatru and his ancestors) and the smaller-flan 3rd issue. The 2nd issue is the smallest out of all the 7 Magadha-Maurya issues, and the rarest one of them all. It is also not well-studied because of the small number of specimens available in museum or on the market. Over the last decade we sold many dozens of 1st issue karshapanas, 100's of 3rd issue coins, and many hundreds of 4th-7th issues, but we have come across only 4 or 5 second issue coins.

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