Hemidrachm of Varahran II (350-356 AD), Harid, Kushano-Sassanians (Kushanshahs)

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Pehlavi inscription: VaRaHRAN, Bust of the king right, wearing a "ram-horns" crown with an "artichoke" ornament above / Pehlavi inscription: BWRZ'Y NDY YZTY, Half length figure of Ahura-Mazda rising from altar, holding wreath and trident. 13mm, 1.23 grams. Harid mint. MACW 1312-1313.

The attribution to Varahran II was made by Mitchiner. It is questioned by some other numismatists (this type is sometimes attributed to "Peroz III of Gandhara", a ruler of a successor-state of Kushanshahs.