Gold 1/2 dinar, Tahir al-Tamimi (964-970), 355 AH, Sijistan, Saffarid Dynasty

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Al-Muti / Billah / Tahir, three dots below, date (355 AH (965 AD) and mint (Sijistan) in the margin around // Shahada, starting in the circular margin and continuing in the middle of the coin. 15mm, 1.71 grams. Sijistan mint. Album 1415. SKU Q483-49833

Mentioning Abbasid Caliph al-Muti (946-974 AD). Lovely quality for this crude issue. Fully struck, with complete legible legends.

The Saffarid dynasty was a Sunni dynasty from Sistan that ruled over parts of Mesopotamia, with its capital at Zaranj (a city now in southwestern Afghanistan), from 861 to 1003. One of the first indigenous dynasties to emerge after the Islamic conquest, the Saffarids were finally conquered in 1002 AD by Mahmud Ghaznavi and absorbed into the Ghaznavid realm.

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