Very rare and unpublished 3rd light issue - silver drachm of Skandagupta (455-467 AD), Gupta Empire

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Formalized bust of King right, in Kshatrapa style / Parama Bhagavata Maharajadhiraja Sri Skandagupta Kramaditya ("Overlord of Kings, Skandagupta Kramaditya, great devotee of Vishnu") in Brahmi around Garuda (peacock with spread wings). 13mm, 1.69 grams. Western provinces mint. Unpublished.

This is from the third issue of Emperor Skandagupta, minted somewhere north of the Gulf of Kambhat in Saurashtra. The earliest coins from this region weighed the normal 2.1 grams, the later issue of Skandagupta weighed around 1.85 grams, the latest issues (like this one) weighed (on average) 1.65 grams or so. These are the latest of his Garuda coins, very rare and never published. This is a high quality coin, as nearly all these late issues are very crudely struck. It has a full legend, also a rare feature of these late issues.