Scarce "bull type" damma of Ranavigraha, "Yashaditya" series silver dammas, early 8th century CE, pre-Islamic Sindh

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Blank (with traces of lines) / श्री रणिवग्रह “Sri Raṇavigraha” in late Brahmi around a stylized and disjointed recumbent bull facing right. 8 mm, 0.37 grams. Fishman/Todd "The Silver Damma" #Y12. 

These enigmatic little coins were probably minted somewhere in south-western Punjab, but  a member of the Sindhi royal Chach dynasty, who is tentatively identified as Jayasimha son of Dahir in "The Silver Damma" book based on a variety of evidence. Ranavigraha" is tentatively identified as Jayasimha, the son of Raja Dahir of Chach (the last pre-Islamic King of Sindh). If so, these coins must date to ca.712-715 CE, and these coins were minted in Southern Punjab (north of Multan) during Jayasimha's short exile which followed the Arab conquest of Sindh and sourthern Punjab.